Mike Dugeon to run against… Mike Duggan

A new candidate has announced his candidacy as a write-in for the Detroit mayoral race.

His name? Mike Dugeon.

Yes, that’s a direct aim at a certain other write-in candidate, Mike Duggan.

Mike Duggan, former Detroit Medical Center CEO, has been gaining quite a bit of support for his write-in campaign for the office. But instead of just filling in the circle next to his name, voters will have to do a couple extra things in the ballot box:

Write in the name, fill in the circle, and make sure there are two Gs.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the new Dugeon is a barber with no political background and has never voted. His Facebook page, DugeonForDetroit, already has over 3,000 “likes.”

Voters have to spell write-in candidates’ name correctly in order for them to count. Adding this new Dugeon certainly complicates things for Duggan supporters.

Cindy Pasky is CEO of Strategic Staffing Solutions, and the person behind the original idea for Duggan to run as a write in. At a press conference today, she referenced the confusion.

“Duggan is the right for Detroit,” she said, “I already wrote Mike Duggan, with 2 Gs, on the ballot. I filled in my circle, and I voted for the next mayor of Detroit.”

At a press conference, Duggan made no public
comment about the new Dugeon.

Even Dugeon’s slogan is a stab at Duggan’s campaign. “Every citizen has a future.” Duggan’s slogan? “Every neighborhood has a future.”

Whoever is behind the campaign for the new entry Dugeon could potentially hurt Duggan’s chances in the Aug. 6 primary.

Alana Holland, Michigan Radio Newsroom

(Original Post: http://michiganradio.org/post/mike-dugeon-run-against-mike-duggan)


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