About Me

My name is Alana Holland, currently 22 and a  future college graduate. I’m a news intern and information fanatic, destined to be delivering news through your TV set in the coming years. Admitted coffee addict and fashion freak with a horrible addiction to traveling. Single, but not defining myself by my marital, or lack there of, status.  Daughter of two amazing parents I hope I make proud, but more importantly a daughter of Christ.


My mind functions in blurbs of little moments of inspiration, so I figured that if I documented these things, something may come out of it. This is that experiment.

I am completely enthralled by my surroundings, and can often found wandering streets of cities just people watching. Mix that with a naturally overly inquisitive brain, and I think that’s why I chose the path of journalism.

Well, that and, frankly, I am more fashion and jet-setting than karate-kid, so a crime-fighting detective was out of the question. As much as I felt I was disappointing my inner Nancy Drew, my idol as a child, I decided to write, research, report,  talk to people, and share stories. I’ll keep saving the world from miscreants of society to a weekend job.

What you’ll read in this blog is my thoughts on things that I enjoy. I mean, why else would I keep a personal blog? I talk about fashion, travel, health, and things going on in the world. I will  share  my own personal thoughts and opinions on the things happening in my life, as well as those I observe.


I have decided to listen to what I want to do, and what I am made to do, instead of what society is telling me to do. This far-reaches past skinny magazine models. In fact, if I want to go to India and hang out with Elephants for a while? Well, I will. And I will write about it. And I most certainly will do that in my lifetime because, simply, I’m taking control of my life to do what is good for it, for myself and others. When I’m happy in a time where I’m with family, or doing something as simple as cooking or work, I will write about that too.

So enjoy. 

Oh, and one more thing. I have a caffeine addiction problem that may need medical inducement soon.



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