The List

curved-arrowOh that’s on top of the Eiffel tower. One of the items checked off!

A bucket list seems like the wrong term because I am not living each day just passing the time until death.

So this is my life list. Specifically, things I do before I lose my my 20-something status. My goal is to do all I can before I turn 30. Now, I’m already 2 years into my 20s, so it looks like the next few years will be quite interesting. Let’s go, life.

These are in no particular order, and I like it that way. As completed, I will cross the item off. As I do this, I will post stories from the accomplishment for everyone to read.

Ride an elephant – Write a book – Accept a big-girl job offer –  Be on a real TV station, reporting my own stories – Become near fluent in French, or any language for that matter – Learn effective budgeting skills so I, and my family, can ease minds, save for big ventures, and not live in financial fear –  Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in NYC  – Give money, support, opportunity to someone who needs it more than I do – Have, whatever I define, as the best meal ever – Stand on top of the Eiffel Tower – Take an adventurous trip with a man I love – Visit my North Carolina friends in Charlotte – Become proficient at some kind of musical venture – Read As the Sun Rises –  Live in a city and have friends like… Friends – Attend a filming for a Top Gear: UK episode – Meet Katie Couric – Turn this blog into something big – Travel in Europe for at least 4 months – Go to a Red Wings Game – Stand on the Spanish Steps in Rome – Graduate College – Have a 6-pack, become more toned than thin and learn to love a healthy body image – Own a cat – Dress up in large hats and attend the Kentucky Durby –Watch a play at the Globe theatre –  Have what I do with my work improve other people’s lives – Send up a sky lantern in a city – Go on a missions trip – Throw a really, really big dinner party I planned and prepared all myself  for a big group of friends and family – Climb a castle – Give a gift so special that the receiver cries – Run a 5k – Run a 10k – Pay off a good chunk of student loans – Visit Jerusalem –  Read my top 5 must read classics – Photograph a event or session and get paid for it – Have a high tea party – Live in Chicago – Take a tropical vacation and coral reef dive – Encourage someone else’s goals more than my own – Model for actual print or real runway – Have an outdoor movie night – Ride in a San Francisco Cable Car –  Move to a new city with only what fits in my car – Plan a wedding, not necessarily my own – Fast for 3 days – Visit Mount Rushmore – Give a large sum of money, or big gift to my incredible parents – Learn to ballroom dance – Honeymoon in India, or plan to – Explore the catacombs in Paris – Live in England (again) – Make fresh sushi – Become decent at a sport –  Have a tea ceremony in Japan – Climb Machu Picchu – Attend New York Fashion Week – Stay in the entire day with someone I love – Skydive – Stay on a ranch in the West for at least a week – Visit a brewery – Watch a sunset in Santorini – Make lifelong friends in every country/city I visit – Report a story that moves me so deeply my life is changed – Live life happily, regardless if I check off all these things. Enjoy the moment


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